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Working With NEXUS Sports & Entertainment With Justen Alias

Working With NEXUS Sports & Entertainment With Justen Alias

Tracey Brock  00:00

Hi everyone. This is Tracey Brock from Real Estate 101. And I’m happy to welcome today, Justen Alias from Compass. He’s also the founder of the Nexus entertainment and sports network. So, Justin, thank you very much for coming on. Welcome.

Justen Alias  00:43

Thank you so much for having me. Excited to be here.

Tracey Brock  00:46

Good. Good, I’m glad. So, tell me a little bit about Nexus sport and entertainment network.

Justen Alias  00:51

So, Nexus is a network that we created a few years ago. And we have some of the top real estate brokers in the country. We have also insurance advisors, lenders, concierge professionals, and it’s a network to help professional athletes, executives, high net worth clients, entertainers, real estate relocation concierge across the country. So, if a client is getting traded, or moving from one market to another Nexus could facilitate everything real estate, the relocation, the moving everything from A to Z.

Tracey Brock  01:24

Excellent. Actually, I never thought about that. You’re right. There’s a lot of trading going on in the sports industry.

Justen Alias  01:32

Sports players are always getting traded. So, I didn’t realize it, till I got into this niche. But an average athlete probably placed five or six teams, so they’re always moving.

Tracey Brock  01:44

Wow. Yeah, you don’t even realize that because you’re only paying attention to the team that you like, right? So, it doesn’t seem to be as many. Yeah. So, what’s it like selling real estate in Miami?

Justen Alias  01:54

Real estate Miami is fun, it’s exciting. We have some of the most beautiful buildings. For example, the Aston Martin Building, which is right across the bay from me right now just got completed. So, we have some really, really amazing high end luxury properties. And obviously tying that in with my sports clients. It’s fun. A lot of professional athletes usually either like to live here or in Los Angeles. So, it’s really fun. I really enjoy it.

Tracey Brock  02:19

Yeah, you meet a lot of interesting people, I’m sure. What do athletes and high net worth clients look for when they’re considering real estate?

Justen Alias  02:28

You know, I think they’re always looking for something that’s moving ready, they don’t have the time to renovate. So, I think that’s important. Sometimes they want the property furnished, or to be able to buy furniture from the seller, a lot of times they want space for entertaining a pool, obviously a gym helps for training. So, you don’t want they just want something that’s moving ready, something they don’t have to worry about renovating.

Tracey Brock  02:52

So, what unique challenges and opportunities just sports and entertainment professionals face when they’re relocating. And like compared to other clients?

Justen Alias  03:01

I think a lot of times, just having the time because they’re so busy having the time to look at properties and really hone in on what they want. Also, a lot of times, they’ll have their team in their ear, advising them. So, they’ll have a lot of different people telling them, hey, you should go at this price point when really, they’re able to afford a higher budget, but maybe their financial advisor will tell them, hey, stay within this price point, just for safety reasons. So, I think those two are the biggest challenges.

Tracey Brock  03:28

Okay and besides real estate, what other services does Nexus offer?

Justen Alias  03:34

Nexus offers, we have some great insurance advisors in the network, we have some of the top lenders in the country, we can help with moving. We have private chefs in the network. We have private jet vendors, we have yacht brokers, so really any sort of concierge service the client needs, we can help them from A to Z.

Tracey Brock  03:55

You find that they are using all of your services, like it’s a one stop shop kind of idea.

Justen Alias  04:00

Exactly, exactly. Every client’s needs are different. Obviously, you know, if it’s an athlete, client’s needs can change if it’s a big player, obviously, they’re gonna have a bigger budget. If it’s a rookie or a newer player, they might not have the budget to afford certain things. So, it really just depends on the player or the client.

Tracey Brock  04:18

So when these athletes and these entertainers make a consideration to purchase a property, what are they looking for when they’re selecting their new home? Like what are they considering before they make that assumption to the new home?

Justen Alias  04:32

It seems like these days, a lot of clients are going for something that’s very modern architecture is huge right now. Like is that something that’s move in ready. They love an open concept. It’s very popular in Miami right now. Also in Miami, you know, having a really if they’re gonna buy a condo having a really nice views important. If the property comes with really high end furniture like restoration hard work, they’ll go for that a lot of times. So, like I said, they don’t have the time to run a bit of projects. Having something that’s move in ready is ideal for athletes and most high net worth clients. I think Messi from this inter Miami soccer team just bought a place there if they’re not going to go for a condo I think having a newer home on the water a lot of times in Fort Lauderdale, or in other parts of the intercoastal is really popular among sports entertainment clients. So, you know, Miami is a great market, they offer a lot of different variety of different products for these type of clients.

Tracey Brock  05:29

So, you did say that you also, you know, do the Detroit area as well, as Detroit have any like fun spots as well.

Justen Alias  05:38

Detroit, well, the suburbs are really nice. A lot of clients who are moving tend to move to areas like you get a lot of acreage there. A lot of beautiful custom homes are being built there right now. So, I really love it. Birmingham is one of my favorite suburbs of Detroit, one of the best downtowns in the area, and it just offers a lot. So, definitely recommend checking out Birmingham Bloomfield. Downtown Detroit’s also getting developed right now. There’s a lot of fun new projects being built like the addition, which has been really cool.

Tracey Brock  06:06

So, Justin, I noticed on some of the social media that I was looking into that you have some really exciting events happening, and I’m sure there’s more projected what’s happening with your events with Nexus.

Justen Alias  06:17

Yes, so we just completed event at the NFL Draft. Our events are usually a combination of professional athletes, high level realtors, and other professionals. Our events are amazing. This event, the draft had a really big athletes come. And our next event is going to be an NBA Summer League, which is our annual event. I’m really excited about that we’re planning to right now. So, yeah.

Tracey Brock  06:37

Well, I’m a huge NBA fan. So, maybe I should drop some hints now.

Justen Alias  06:41

Definitely. Some of these probably one of my favorite sporting events. It’s cool, because a lot of the players show up there. It’s in Vegas every year. So, it’s fun. It’s sexy. There’s always a lot of things going on. So, I’m excited about it.

Tracey Brock  06:56

Well, if I can see DeMar DeRozan that would make my day.

Justen Alias  07:01

Maybe we’ll have him there.

Tracey Brock  07:03

Okay, perfect. Perfect. How can people reach on social media?

Justen Alias  07:06

So, Instagram is always great. My handle is my first name underscore last name. Yep, and I’m also on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tracey Brock  07:14

Twitter, TikTok?

Justen Alias  07:16

Twitter TikTok. Not as much it’s hard to have time for all the outlets, but Instagram is always great.

Tracey Brock  07:22

Yeah. So, Instagrams are a good one to born follow you to keep up to date, then that’s where to start. So, what advice do you have for other real estate professionals looking to specialize in servicing the sports and entertainment network, I guess industry?

Justen Alias  07:38

One I just had a call about this earlier. I think relationships are the biggest component of working with sports entertainment clients, you really have to develop strong relationships within this niche, you know, you start small, you start doing rentals for clients, it parlays to working with their sports agent with their business manager, and you just figure out ways to add value you stay in touch with their agent or their manager. And yeah, just take it takes years to develop relationships, but you just keep at it.

Tracey Brock  08:04

I find that like I’m a mortgage broker. And trust is a big factor and you build that trust by the relationships and how you manage those relationships. So, I agree with you in that capacity at any level, trust is the key, you know, so that’s great. Well, Justen, thank you so much for participating on Real 101 we really appreciate you coming out and giving us some idea of what Nexus entertainment does and compass as a brokerage as well. We hope that you can come out again, you want to follow Justen we will have all of his social media handles but as he mentioned Instagram is the best way to keep in touch with what’s happening with him. So, thank you very much, Justen.

Justen Alias  08:45

Thank you so much for having me.

Tracey Brock  08:47

Oh, you’re very welcome. For everybody else, please feel free to like Real 101 social media posts. I’m Tracey Brock of Dominion Lending Centers and a mortgage broker. You’re welcome to reach out to me as well and thank you everyone. Have a great day.


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