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Work Permits & Permanent Residence In Canada

Many people who want to come and stay in Canada try to use work permits as a way into the country. Not everyone who applies gets approved and this sometimes can be because the proper procedures, guidelines and forms were not followed or used.

Other people would like to remain in Canada on a permanent basis and if this is the case a permanent residence application needs to be filed with the proper government and registry office.

Working with an immigration lawyer or specialist can help with applying for work permits in Canada along with permanent residence in Canada for those who would like to stay.

Watch this episode with immigration lawyer Asher Frankel of Devry Smith Frank LLP where Asher will explain work permits and permanent residence in Canada.

For more information on work permits or permanent residence in Canada contact:
Asher I. Frankel
Immigration Lawyer / Devry Smith Frank LLP
TEL:  416-446-4041

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