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Why You Need Home Insurance

For most people their home will usually be the largest investment they ever make in their lives. So as the biggest asset it makes sense to protect that asset with home insurance. In the event of a catastrophe like a house fire, damaged contents, or home robbery, most people will not be able to replace everything right away and this is why it’s essential to get home insurance when you buy a home.

When you get home insurance make sure you get enough coverage to cover the cost of your home, the contents like personal belongings, and any other special insurance for specialized items in your home that a normal home insurance policy does not cover. You need to ask your insurance broker what your policy actually covers, and an even better idea is to review your policy to ensure you have proper insurance coverage.

Watch this episode with insurance broker Robert Atto of Atto & Associates where he explains why you need home insurance, and what home insurance covers on Real Estate 101

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