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What Is Critical Illness & Disability Insurance

Many consumers don’t know what is critical illness insurance or disability insurance and because of this it sometimes catches people off guard leaving them vulnerable to the unexpected things that happen in life. Both of these insurance products are designed to give you piece of mind in the event things happen that leave you unable to work or perform day to day activities.

Critical illness insurance is fairly in-expensive and the advantages it provides is fantastic. Imagine waking up one morning extremely ill and it forced you to miss months off work? How would you pay the bills? How would you put food on the table?

Unless you were able to save 6 months of your salary in an emergency fund, not having critical illness insurance can leave you stressed and may also contribute to keeping you ill for a longer time. Stress and illness can be a deadly combination.

Watch this episode with investment representative David Corrado of Desjardins Financial where David will explain what is critical illness & disability insurance.

Watch this episode with Realtor Joe Terceira and investment representative David Corrado where David is going to explain what is critical illness insurance and disability insurance.

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