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Staging A Bathroom – Bathroom Staging Ideas

Staging a bathroom can have great effects on the wow factor for buyers coming to look at your home when it’s for sale. There are somethings that you should consider when staging a bathroom, and other things to ignore. Along with kitchens, bathrooms are extremely important when putting a home for sale, so a properly staging a bathroom can bring huge rewards in both sale price, and time on the market. The goal when selling any home is to get the highest sale price, and to sell it quickly.

When searching online for bathroom staging ideas it’s important to understand what today’s home buyers are looking for. These that were trendy 5 years ago most likely will not appeal to today’s buyers because new things come to the marketplace. Another reason why this can change is because of the buyers who are looking at your home which is known as the demographics of the buyers in the area. Younger couples will be looking at a staged bathroom a certain way, and older more mature buyers will also have a different point of view.

A good home stager will know exactly how to stage a bathroom especially if they are familiar with the area, and they will have some fantastic bathroom staging ideas. This will allow them to zone in to whatever the buyers are looking for increasing your chances of selling your home. A proper staged bathroom can bring in herds of buyers especially when they see the listing photos.

Watch this episode with home stager Michelle Finnamore where she will discuss staging a bathroom, and some bathroom staging ideas.

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  • Sellers have to keep in mind how much it costs to hold onto a house for months and months. Even if they don’t have a mortgage, they have a lot of capital tied up that could be earning money elsewhere, and on top of that taxes, utilities, etc.The only other lever one has to shorten time on the market is price, and dropping the price enough to make a difference in the end typically costs a lot more than staging.I think what staging does is preserve asking price and speeds up the sale.

  • Staging provides something that is very valuable and that is a different perspective on how a buyer may view the property. Good home stagers know the areas they work well and know exactly who the buyer may end up being so staging purposely for that buyer will always increase the sale price. As Michelle always says staging is always cheaper then the first price reduction.

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