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Why Staging A Basement Can Attract More Buyers

Staging a basement when selling your home can increase the sale price and the amount of buyers that might be interested in putting an offer. Most people use their basements as storage so a properly well thought out layout for the basement can have tremendous benefits. Basements no longer need to be a dungeon as beautiful basements are being designed and finished everyday and provide home owners with extra living space to relax and entertain.

Homeowners create all kinds of beautiful spaces including but not limited to entertainment centres, game rooms, bars, memorabilia museums, and much more. But the idea is to really clean up the basement so that it has maximum wow factor for buyers coming through the home. A basement that is messy does nothing to help with the sale of the home and may even turn off buyers if it’s really in bad shape.

This is exactly why staging a basement can have a great impact on the sale of your home as it provides potential buyers another great option and feature in the home. A home staging expert can help with cleaning up and staging of the basement especially if they know the area well. This way they can properly lay out a plan of staging your basement to attract exactly the kind of buyers looking to buy a home in your area.

Watch this episode with home staging expert Michelle Finnamore where she will discuss why cleaning up and staging a basement can help when selling your home.

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