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Selling A Home For Seniors

Moving senior members of families when selling a home can sometimes be difficult. Living in a home for such a long period of time creates an emotional attachment that can be extremely difficult for some people to let go. This is why it’s important when selling a home for seniors to not only understand the complexity of the situation, but to be mindful of how difficult the move will be. Often senior members of a family may require care and decide that moving in with a child or relative has it’s benefits. The other option of course is a seniors home which has many advantages as well.

How To Make Selling A Home For Seniors Easier!

Selling a home in this type of situation requires a well laid out plan that should be discussed and agreed to by all family members. And the best way to approach moving senior family members is to retain the help of a top home stager. Home staging plays a big role when selling a home for seniors as top home stagers usually have great processes in place to ensure everything goes smoothly, and that important family items and memories are not damaged. As we discussed in a previous episode, listing photos are extremely important when selling a home so certain items may need to be removed in order to get the best possible showcase on the property.

Watch this episode with our host Joe Terceira and home staging expert Michelle Finnamore where she will discuss selling a home for seniors.

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  • Michelle made some great points. Having sold homes for senior clients, I can’t stress how important it is to ensure the upmost care. Most seniors have their whole lives in those homes and it becomes tough to let go. Another great episode by one of North America’s top home stager Michelle Finnamore

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