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Sellers Choose Not To Stage For Wrong Reasons

When selling a home, some home sellers choose not to stage their home for different reasons. The first one is usually because they think it’s too expensive to stage the home, but they don’t understand that it can actually be very reasonable. But more importantly home staging always provides fantastic value in a way that maximizes the return on the sale price of the home, at the quickest time possible.

Another reason that plays a big role why home sellers choose not to stage is because they think it will be difficult to live in a home where the home owners belongings have been removed because the home was staged. This is another misconception out there and home owners can actually live in the home a lot easier sometimes because of all the clutter and extra furniture that has been removed.

It always pays to have the home staged by a professional home stager in the long run as the most important thing is to make sure you get the best price for your home, in the quickest time possible. Sellers who choose not to stage end up losing money on the sale price, and even worse the home can linger on the market further reducing the sale price. Homes that linger on the market hurt the sellers chances immensely in selling the home, so it`s important to avoid this

Watch this episode with home stager Michelle Finnamore where she will discuss why some sellers choose not to stage.

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