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Residential Construction, Design and Planning Process

In the latest Real Estate 101: The Home Buying & Selling Show episode, Daniel Ott, Lead Designer and President of White Willow Design talks about why customers should hire a professional residential construction, design and planning company.

How can the client be happy with the end result of the residential construction, design and planning project? Unfortunately, the end product that the client receives may differ slightly or even greatly from his vision. Daniel explains in this video their process and how they make sure that the client gets exactly what he wants.

What is Involved in a Residential Construction, Design and Planning Project?

Daniel explains that the first step of any residential construction, design and planning process is finding out what kind of project the homeowner wants. Once they know this, they then discuss with the client the number of details that are going to be involved in planning the project and how many the homeowner is comfortable taking care of himself.

When it comes to the details involved in a residential design process, Daniel points out that they include details of the structural elements, architectural details, interior design and selecting materials for the project.

Finally, the design firm and the homeowner get into contract negotiations, taking care of the city permits and finally any unforeseen problems that might occur during the construction project.

As for the interior design, this covers a wide range of things. The first of these is the overall layout of the rooms, their shape and size. Following this, they can then discuss the specific layout within individual rooms and how they will be laid out. Finally the material is selcted, what flooring will be used, what wall colors, etc.

How does a Professional Residential Construction, Design and Planning Company Make the Process Easier for its Clients?

A residential construction, design and planning process can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. White Willow Design makes this much easier for the client by handling everything during the project. This means that the client won’t have to worry about anything during the course of the project.

According to Daniel, White Willow Design is one of the few companies in Ontario that provides all of these services – construction, planning and design. This means the clients don’t have to hire three or four different companies for the project.

Watch this episode to learn more about residential construction, design and planning.

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