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Qualifications For A Good Home Inspector

When you buy a home a home inspection is something that should be done in order to ensure the home is a good livable condition with no major problems. But there are so many home inspectors available out there and it can be extremely confusing when you need to decide who you will retain.

There are a few things you need to look for before hiring a home inspector and if you ignore these, you may be setting yourself up for problems down the road.

Three of the most important things you need to confirm before hiring a home inspector is how long has the home inspector been in the business? Make sure they have at least a few years experience. The second thing is to make sure the home inspector has insurance, and can provide proof of insurance.

Normally this is called errors and omissions insurance. And number three should be what kind of background do they have. If they’re familiar with the construction process of building a home, then they will be better suited to find problems if they exist.

Watch this episode with home inspector Allan Spisak of Aciss Home Inspections where Allan explains what you should look for when hiring a home inspector on Real Estate 101

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  • Aluminum is OK on the service feeds to the sub panel. You just don’t want them on the bncrah circuits (from the breakers to the outlets and switches). The issue here is the loose conductor on the left side (red), This is a potential fire hazard.

  • Electrical is just one of the many reasons why anyone buying a home needs the services of a good top home inspector like Allan. They know what to look for, and their obligation is to the buyers and not to the agent who most of the time just wants the deal to close. (Hate to put my own kind down but man some of the stuff I see is nuts) Hopefully the continued campaigning here in Ontario will someday provide that all home inspectors are regulated.

  • Fantastic episode by one of Ontario’s top home inspectors Allan Spisak and of course top real estate negotiator Joe Terceira. Allan does a great job on outlining how to properly find the right home inspector

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