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Tenant Insurance & Why You Need It

Tenant insurance is something everyone should consider when renting any kind of rental space from a landlord. Tenant insurance is great coverage to have in case something were to happen to any of your belongings, or in the event someone were to get hurt while on your rental property.

Most tenants think the landlords insurance policy covers their property, but this is very rarely the case. Tenants in order to ensure they have coverage for there personal belongings should consider getting a tenant insurance policy.

Why You Need Tenant Insurance?

The cost for a tenants insurance policy is relatively inexpensive although the misconception out there is that it’s very expensive. Usually for around $2o per month it can provide you with piece of mind, and ensure you have the coverage you need in case. Last thing you need happening is something major going wrong, and not having the proper insurance coverage.

This is why you need tenant insurance. Landlords should always insist that their tenants get their own insurance coverage with a tenant insurance policy.

A good home insurance broker can provide you with a tenants insurance quote. They can explain the coverages you require, how to lower your insurance premium, and even bundle it with other insurance products to save you more money.

Watch this episode with Joni Thompson of Atto & Associates Insurance Brokers where she will discuss why you need tenant insurance if you’re renting from a landlord, and what other added coverages you can get.

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