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How to Maximize Your Home’s Value When Selling?

When selling your home, you no doubt want to maximize your home’s value as much as possible. In this episode of Real Estate 101: the Home Buying & Selling Show, Realtors Ken and Laima Scott, discuss how to you can best do this in the Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener region.

How Can You Increase and Maximize Your Home’s Value as a Seller?

Ken explained the process involved in helping to maximize your home’s value when selling. This includes three important steps:

  1. Preparing the house for a sale
  2. Setting the right price for the house, and finally
  3. Going through strategies that will help the seller get multiple offers for his house.

When it comes to preparing the house for a sale, Laima points out that most houses she and Ken have for listing are already well prepared for a sale. However, for those that are not, they point to the flaws that need the homeowner’s attention. This can include some minor repairs, uncluttering them and making sure the house is sparkling clean.

 Who Takes Care of Repairs?

At certain times, the house may require some minor repairs done on it. No matter how minor these repairs may be, it is imperative that they are addressed before you can maximize your home’s value when selling. Otherwise, someone looking into buying the house will simply not be interested in the property.

Typically, real estate agents, like Ken and Laima already know and can direct you to some good and professional contractors that can help with these repairs.

How to Set the Right Price?

When setting the price with their clients, Ken and Laima use a method called “market comparison approach to value”. What this entails is looking into other houses that are for sale at the moment. In addition, real estate agents also look at the properties that are already sold.

Once the realtor knows those comparisons, he can determine the right price for your house. This is the “best logical asking price”. With the right price set, you can receive top dollar and maximize your home’s value when selling.

Watch this episode to learn more about how to maximize your home’s value,

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