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Whether you are a landlord or tenant its a good idea to know and understand the laws in Ontario regarding landlords and pets. Some landlords have problems with tenants because of their pets, and other times tenants run into problems with landlords because of pets. The laws do not prohibit tenants from having pets even if landlords say they can’t have a pet.

But the landlord and tenant board can rule in favor of a landlord when a matter goes to the landlord and tenant board. This happens when a pet has become a nuisance to the landlord or other tenants, so if the landlord can prove and substantiate this in court, the board may rule in favor of the landlord.

Landlords sometimes don’t want pets because of liability issues in the event someone gets bitten by the pet while on the property. This can potentially open a can of worms in the form of a lawsuit so landlords do look for ways to prevent these kinds of issues before they happen.

Other reasons for landlords not wanting pets is because of the damage pets cause on the property. This also leaves landlords with potentially thousands of dollars to repair the damages. But tenants who have pets that behave and are friendly also have rights so this can be a very tricky situation.

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