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Kitchen Design Renovation with White Willow Design

In this episode of Real Estate 101, Daniel Ott from White Willow Design discusses kitchen design renovation. Watch it to learn more about this topic and what exactly you could be doing wrong when renovating your kitchen.

Over the course of the episode, Daniel explains the process used at White Willow Design for kitchen design renovation and how his company approaches individual customers and solves their design problems. He also explains the typical kitchen design process at White Willow Design and what it usually consists of.

What are the Typical Kitchen Design Renovation Problems?

When it comes to kitchen design renovation, these are the most common problems homeowners encounter:

  • Not enough light

Your kitchen needs to be well illuminated in order to be fully functional. This is often not the case with older homes, which may only have a central light in the middle of the ceiling and rarely one above the sink or for the vent hood. To improve lighting in the kitchen, aditional lights can be installed under the wall cabinets.

  • Insufficient storage

Another common problem, but which can also be solved with a good kitchen design renovation project, is if the builder did not take full advantage of the kitchen store space. This can be remedied by installing roll-out trays instead of typical base cabinets.

  • Inadequate Work Flow

The main purpose of any kitchen is to make food preparation process as seamless as possible. This cannot be achieved if the architecture of the kitchen was planned poorly. For example, the pantry and the fridge need to be close to each other and not on the opposite walls in order to speed up grocery unloading.

Other problems in your kitchen may also include outlet shortage or fire hazards in older kitchens (again, this can be solved with a good kitchen design renovation project) or introducing new elements that don’t match the overall design of their kitchen when they remodel.

What is Involved in Kitchen Layout Design Process?

When it comes to kitchen layout design, the entire process depends on several things, such as what the home renovation contractor comes up with upon inspecting the kitchen and the homeowner’s ideas and wishes on how he would like his kitchen to look like.

Typically, the contractor takes the client’s input regarding what kind of appliances he is using in the kitchen and any other ideas he might have and then comes up with an idea for the new layout design, based on the workflow, that he presents to the client.

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