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How to Join the Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada

In this episode of Real 101: The Home Buying & Selling Show, Alan Spisak and Bryan Shering of Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC) talk how new members can join this organization.

Alan, who is the chairperson of Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada, explains the simple joining process to our viewers.

To join PHPIC, you first need to visit www.phpic.ca in your browser. On this page, you can select either the English or the French version of the site.

Go to “For Inspectors” on the Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada Website

On the next page, you’ll see a see a link “For Inspectors” in a menu on the top left of. Clicking on that will take you to the next page of the site, where you can find the “New Member Application” link. If you click on that link, you’ll be taken to the “New Member Application” section of the site, where you will find the “Application for New Membership” link. This is where all new PHPIC members will go to apply for new membership in this organization.

This link will open a PDF document where you can apply for membership in the Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada. The first step here is to fill in the applicant contact information. This includes the applicants name, company name, mailing address, city, website, telephone, email and other basic contact info.

Memberships and Designations

In the next section, “Memberships & Designation”, you can list all Property Inspection Association membership that you either currently hold, or have hold in the past five years. You can list up to five memberships here, along with the membership type or designation you hold.

Going further down, you will see another field, where you can list any other memberships or designations relevant to home and property inspection such as CET, RET, B. Arch or P. Eng.

If you work through a home and property inspection franchise, you can provide contact information in the “Franchise Affiliations” field. Here, you can provide the franchise name, contact name, franchise website and telephone.

Degrees, Diplomas, Courses and Field Training

In the “Degrees and Diplomas”, provide the details of all university degrees or diplomas that you hold, as well as details of uncompleted university and college programs. This is used as proof of designation. Below that, in the “Trade Tickets” type in details for all trade tickets that you hold, as well as details of any incomplete trade tickets.

Moving on, you will come to the “Formal Home and Property Inspection Training Courses”, where you can provide details (course name, training provider, approximate number of training hours and year completed) of all training courses you have taken and successfully passed. If any of those included practical field training, you can add the details in the next table.

Next, you can also include details of  home and property inspection training workshops and seminars that you attended in the “Other Home and Property Inspection Training Courses, Workshops and Seminars” and any field training you received in the “Informal Field Training”.

Your Experience as a Home and Property Inspector

Continuing on, in the “Home and Property Inspection Experience”, you need to provide details on your experience as a home and property inspector. This includes what year you became a home and property inspector, how many inspection do you make in a year, how many did you perform in your career, as well as insurance information.

ASHI “Standards of Practice” and “Code of Ethics” Compliance

Below this, you’ll find the “Compliance with ‘Standards of Practice’ for Home and Property Inspectors”. Here, you need to answer whether you perform home & property inspections that comply with a “Standard of Practice” and if so which one. Note that applicants must agree to comply with the ASHI “Standards of Practice” and the ASHI “Code of Ethics” if they want to be accepted into Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada.

Once you’ve read and understood the ASHI “Standards of Practice” and “Code of Ethics”, you should sign the acknowledgment below. Make sure to include the name of the PHPIC member who recommended Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada to you so that he or she gets a $50 membership discount for the next year. Next, fill in the card number, cardholder’s signature and sign next to the cardholder’s signature. You can also pay online, which is what Alan also recommends.

Your Signature

Finally, on the last page of the document, provide your first and last name. By doing this, you acknowledge that everything you provided in your application is true.  If not, your PHPIC membership can be revoked. Last, but not least, put your signature on the designated line.

Now scan the document and put it into a PDF file and send it to PHPIC administration.

Also, don’t forget to attach photocopies of your degrees, diplomas, courses, trade tickets or certificates you have.

Watch this episode to learn more about home & property inspectors.

For more information on home inspections contact:

Alan Spisak

Website: http://www.aciss.ca/

Phone: 905.633.8219

For more information on Professional Home & Property Inspectors of Canada contact

Bryan Shering

Website: http://www.phpic.ca/

Phone: 1.855.887.4742

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