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Job Loss & How To Maximize Your Pensions

One of the great benefits of working in Canada is the ability to grow a pension for your retirement. But to qualify for a pension in Canada you must have worked and made at least one valid contribution payment to the Canada Pension Plan which is also known as CPP. You must also be at least 60 years old.

The CPP was originaly intended to start the month after you turn 65, but you can start receiving your CPP anytime after age 60 at a smaller monthly amount. It will also be larger if you start taking it after 65 years of age. These are just a few things involved with your Canada Pension Plan. In to maximize your pensions in Canada, it works to your benefit to have a good financial planner on your side as they are very familiar with pensions, and saving for retirement.

Watch this episode with financial planner Jeff Gregory of Desjardins Financial where Jeff will explain pensions in canada, and how to maximize your pensions.

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