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Inspecting A Roof, & How Roofs Are Installed

Roofs are a big factor for home shoppers when looking to buy a home. Because of the potential for serious problems a roof can completely turn away buyers even if only minor problems are found. A good home inspector will be able to completely inspect a roof to make sure there are no current problems, or no future potential problems coming.

Homes in Ontario are commonly built with asphalt roof shingles but there many different types and kinds of roofs. An average roof can cost between $2500-$5000 to replace so unless you’re prepared to absorb this expense after buying a home, you need to make sure the roof is in good condition. If the roof does need replacing, then you may be able to ask the seller for a deduction in the sale price as you will need to replace the roof but there is no guarantee the seller will be willing to do this.

Watch this episode with home inspector Greg McHale of CSS Inspections where he explains everything we need to know about roofs, and roof inspections on Real Estate 101

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