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What Is A Human Rights Claim

Human rights are extremely important in the workplace, and its important for both employers and employees to understand their rights. A human rights claim is something that employees generally file because they feel their human rights have been violated in the workplace and these can lead to lawsuits.

Employers must be very careful to ensure that employees human rights are not infringed upon as this can end up becoming a very serious matter if it happens.

A human rights claim generally happens because someone is discriminated due to gender, sexual orientation, place of origin, religious believes, and disabilities to name a few. The most common of human rights claims filed in Ontario are due to employees having disabilities so it’s important for employers to understand their rights and obligations to an employee with a disability.

If you think your human rights have been violated in the workplace, a good first step is to get in contact with an employment lawyer who is experienced in dealing with human rights claims.

Not all human rights claims end up in court as sometimes the parties involved can reach a settlement outside of court. It may also be a good idea to document and save anything that can help prove your human rights claim against the other party.

Watch this episode with Toronto employment lawyer Marty Rabinovitch where he will discuss what is a human rights claim.

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