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Home Soundproofing Tips: How to Soundproof Your Home?

In this episode of Real Estate 101: the Home Buying & Selling Show, Daniel Ott, President and Lead Designer of White Willow Design talks about how to soundproof your home.

Why You Should Soundproof Your Home?

The biggest reason to soundproof your home is to get more privacy. This is why bathrooms are one of the most soundproofed rooms of the house. The basement is also a good choice for soundproofing, especially if you’re doing any mechanical work down there. In addition, many homeowners today want to add a home theater or a sound recording room and these need to be soundproofed as well.

Soundproofing your home may also apply to smaller areas like the plumbing stack from your bathroom or the outer wall to the street.

How Sound Travels?

To understand better how to soundproof your home, it is important to know that sound dissipates more quickly as it travels through air or gas. However, when sound travels through solids, its volume is almost the same on the other side.

Because of this, soundproofing your home requires getting rid of as much contact with solids and making the air go through more air. To allow this, we use air pockets and one of the best components for soundproofing is in fact insulation. This is because insulation lessens the vibrations between solids and therefore reduce noise.

How are Windows Soundproofed?

When it comes to windows, the situation is actually reversed. Here. you want more solids rather than less (as opposed to walls and floors). The thicker the glass is, the less it will vibrate and the better it will be at soundproofing your home.

Apart from getting a thicker glass, you can also use 3-pane windows to better soundproof your home, instead of the regular 2-pane ones.

Watch this episode to learn more about how to soundproof your home.

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