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How To Get Spousal Support In A Divorce

When going through a divorce many people don’t understand the process of how to get spousal support. They even automatically assume that they should be entitled to spousal support without knowing their rights, laws, and how spousal support for a person may be determined. There are a few criteria that are used in determining if someone qualifies for spousal support and a good family lawyer can help with that.

Also the amount of spousal support a person may qualify for will also be based on different criteria. Spousal support can be extremely essential for someone to have after a divorce or separation as it can ease the level of stress a person may have. Even more so if they can’t work for whatever reason. But depending on spousal support alone when going through a divorce or separation as a sure thing can backfire and may leave you empty handed.

Spousal support in Ontario does not always require a divorced or separated couple to fight in court. It benefits all parties if the matter can be settled out of court as legal costs can run tens of thousands of dollars, and can also potentially make the parties very hostile. Speaking with a good family lawyer can help in determining your spousal support options, if you qualify, and the spousal support calculation.

Watch this episode with divorce lawyer John Schuman where he explains how to get spousal support.

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