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How To Change A Support Order In Ontario

Many people wonder what happens to support payments if they lose their job or get sick. In Ontario you can’t just stop paying court ordered support. Court orders continue until they expire or they have been canceled by the courts. You have to keep paying support as long as the court order is in place to avoid a breach of the court order.

Now if you do get sick or lose your job and need to change the support, you can do this without actually going to court as long as all parties agree, and the paperwork is filed with the courts. Some information and documentation may be required to substantiate the reasons for changing the support order. In the event that all parties don’t agree, you will need to go back to court.

Any agreements with all parties to change or reduce support payments should be in writing to protect everyone involved and to ensure it is followed.

Watch this episode with family lawyer John Schuman where John will discuss how to change a support order.

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