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How The Renovation Permit Process Works

A vital step before renovating your home is the renovation permit process. Before you begin doing major renovations on your home it’s extremely important to make sure you find out if permits are required, because starting a renovation project without the mandatory permits can have big consequences both short, and long term.

Understanding the renovation permit process will go a long way in avoiding stop work orders, and also ensure a smooth renovation in your home.

Depending on the city you live in the renovation permit process can differ with requirements, and the amount of time needed. Different types of inspections may be performed during different points in the renovation, and this can be because of code requirements, city requirements, or even to ensure everything has been done properly.

Ignoring the minimum codes required when renovating your home can have major financial implications is something were to ever go wrong like a fire in the home.

A good home renovation contractor should also be very familiar with the renovation permit process, and have experience dealing with the city to ensure all codes are met, and to avoid costs of the renovation from exceeded your budget.

Proper planning can go a long way in ensuring you get all the new features you want after the renovation is completed, and of course will help in preparing for any problems that may arise.

Watch this episode with home contractor Daniel Ott of Artisan Contracting where he will discuss the renovation permit process.

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