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How Is Child Custody Determined

When going through a divorce or separation, the first of many thoughts that run through people’s minds is how is child custody determined and how will it affect my situation. Every divorce or separation comes with different situations and set of challenges but if both parties act in a civil manner usually this can help speed things up.

When going through a child custody battle sometimes parents forget that children are not at fault or the reason why the marriage or relationship broke down. Children often play a role in a divorce or separation that they didn’t ask for, and parents can do more harm then good when they try and use children as leverage in a custody dispute. Good family lawyers will often say that it’s imperative parents try to remove their emotions towards each other and really think of what is in the best interest of the child.

Don’t leave it up to a judge to decide how is child custody determined!

Parents ought to remember that courts will always look out for what’s in the best interest of the child when deciding how is child custody determined. Judges want to ensure there is no disruption in the child’s ability to grow, and try to ensure the smoothest transition in a situation that can be extremely difficult for children.

Waiting for a ruling from a judge on how the child custody is determined can be very stressful and bring extremely anxious moments to all parties involved.

Watch this episode with family lawyer Rachel Healey of Devry Smith Frank where she will discuss how is child custody determined in Ontario.

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