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Home Inspection Horror Stories & Nightmares

Home inspection horror stories are something that all home owners never want to experience first hand. One of the worst things that can happen when buying a home is to think that everything is fine only to find out days or months after closing that the home you just purchased has major problems that will cost thousands of dollars.

Most people think you can only have these kinds of home inspection nightmares when buying an older resale home. But sometimes in a brand new home, problems are commonly found that end up costing home owners thousands of dollars.

Some of the things that are common with home inspection horror stories are mold, bad insulation of homes, ruined or damaged floors, terrible electrical problems, water damage, roof shingles missing, and that’s to name just a few. Some home sellers even go as far as trying to cover up issues the home may have so that when buyers come through to perform the home inspections, problems become difficult to find.

These kinds of situations can bring a huge amount of stress and undo pressure to home buyers so it’s extremely important to make sure you hire a qualified home inspector who knows how to find these nasty home inspection nightmares. Some buyers avoid having a home inspection in order to save some money. This can potentially cost you thousands of dollars if problems arise after you move in.

Watch this episode with home inspector Greg McHale of CSS Inspections where he talks about some home inspection horror stories and nightmares.

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