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How to Get a Construction Permit and what does the Process Involve?

In this episode of Real 101: The Home Buying & Selling Show, Daniel Ott, President and Lead Designer at White Willow Design explains the process of construction design and what the customer needs to do to get one.

Is a Construction Permit the Same Thing as a Building Permit?

Although many people think of them as the same thing, building and construction permits are not the same. In fact, the building permit is only the end result of the entire process involved in getting a construction permit.

In order to get a construction permit you will also need zoning clearances, fire-department approvals, engineering approvals, grading plans, site plan approvals and  Conservation Authority or Niagara Escarpment Commission if the building is close to a body of water.

Of course, the construction process can be broken down into more manageable chunks, involving municipalities (planning and building departments) on one side and third-party entities (anything not related to municipalities) on the other side.

What Does the  Planning Department Include?

There is a lot involved in the planning department itself and it basically breaks into smaller departments, but in order to get to a building permit you will first need to obtain a zoning clearance stamp, regardless of the municipality.

The zoning on the property tells how far the constructor can build around the property. If the house is already too far over so the constructor must ask for a special permission via a minor variance in order to do that.

Apart from zoning, the planning department also includes the engineering department for topographical surveys and several other smaller departments.

What Does the Building Department Include?

Once this part is reached, the most important thing is making sure that everything meets the building code. This includes the structure of the house, the septic permits, upgrading the city services if needed, HVAC and a lot more.

However, if all of these components are designed properly, the process should be smooth.

And that’s pretty much all you need to get a construction permit.

Watch this episode to learn more about getting a construction permit.

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