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Employee Rights In The Workplace With Disabilities

There are many rights in the workplace to protect employees with disabilities and both employers and employees need to be aware of what they are. Not understanding these rights can potentially lead to big lawsuits, and monetary damages. Any employee in a workplace who has some sort of disability is afforded certain laws in order to facilitate a healthy working environment.

Employee rights in the workplace are extremely important and something that should be taken seriously. Courts frown on situations where employee rights in the workplace have been violated, and can levy serious penalties against employers for not being in compliance. Employers must ensure steps are taken to allow for a workplace that provides employees their rights in the workplace.

This is why it’s extremely important to speak with an employment lawyer if you think your rights have been violated at your job. A good employment lawyer can explain what your options are, and will also be able to speak with your employer to make sure your rights are being adhered to, and not violated.

Watch this episode with Mississauga real estate agent Joe Terceira, and Toronto employment lawyer Marty Rabinovitch where he will discuss employee rights in the workplace with disabilities.

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