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Electrical Safety Ontario – Electrical Safety Authority

Electrical safety in Ontario is something that all home buyers, and home owners should be aware of. The Electrical Safety Authority is responsible for the codes and standards that are set, and they must be followed by electricians. The Ontario Electrical Safety Authority also requires that home owners pull a permit whenever electrical work needs to be done in their homes in order to be up to code.

As a homeowner it’s a good idea to make sure that all electrical in your home is in a safe condition, as electrical fires can start unexpectedly, and cause major damage to your home. If you have old wiring, or an old electrical panel it’s a good idea to have a licensed electrician come in to bring everything up to code, or to make sure everything is in good working order. When buying a home one of the most important items that you need to make sure is in good working order is the electrical in the home.

Your home inspector can perform tests on the electrical, or if you really want to be safe call in a licensed electrician to perform a separate test when doing the home inspection.

Watch this episode with home inspector Greg McHale of CSS Inspections where he explains everything we need to know about the electrical safety in your home, and the electrical safety authority.

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