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Best Email Marketing Software For Real Estate

Are you tired of trying to grow your prospect list of buyers, sellers and investors, or had it with trying to automate your email marketing in your real estate business? Then you need to join a good email autoresponder system that automates all your email marketing 24/7.

But there are so many out there to choose from. Which one works best for real estate?

After trying, testing, and using some of the email auto responders out there, today we are gonna reveal the one we think works best and integrates extremely well for real estate. Make sure you watch the entire video so you can learn about some of the features included and how you can use it to grow your real estate business on autopilot.

After reviewing some of the available autoresponders on the market, our favourite is no doubt Aweber.

It’s completely loaded with features, great user interface that is easy to use, and fantastic tutorial videos.

For more information on the Aweber autoresponder, click the link in the description of this video below.

Let’s go through just some of the features!

#1. You can easily automate your email campaigns. Sending out a bunch of emails every day takes enormous time. Aweber’s automation of emails and campaigns will allow creating automation to send out emails and make direct campaigns to everyone on your lists. You can choose to send out emails on a daily or weekly basis at present times when you know your members will read them.

#2. Aweber email design features are great with their drag and drop system. Images, text, content, links, videos and more can easily be dragged and dropped wherever you like to design templates best suited to your brand.

#3. State of the art analytics and reporting are available inside your main dashboard. Aweber’s pre-built analytics and reporting system allows you to track and monitor all emails sent so you can constantly improve your campaigns. Plain and simple! Aweber’s tracking allows you to see which links and emails your members open and click on.

#4. Easily grow multiple mailing lists at a time with the awesome signup forms. You can easily integrate the forms on your website, blogs, online magazines, social media, and more to have new members easily join your lists or newsletters.

#5. And finally, last but not least, you can now sign up for an Aweber account absolutely free and test drive all their features. We guarantee once you’re inside, that you’ll never look at another autoresponder.

For more information on Aweber or to sign up for a free account, click the link below in the description of this video.

Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this video, and leave more questions or details about your business below. Thank you for watching!

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